Saturday, September 1, 2007

Stop "The Mother's Act" (H.R. 20) pregnant women & new mothers to be screened for mental disorders & "postpartum depression"

A bill is quickly moving through Congress called "The Mother's Act" (H.R. 20) that calls for pregnant women to be screened for mental disorders and new mothers to be screened for "postpartum depression," resulting in their being prescribed dangerous antidepressants or other psychiatric drugs.

A Senate Bill and a House Bill were introduced this year. The House Bill is right now in the Energy and Commerce Committee and a vote is expected within days, whereupon it will go to the House floor next week. The bill provides more appropriations for NIH to conduct research into "postpartum depression" and biological treatments (drugs).

Psychiatry is attempting to steal a real medical situation and turn it into a mental disorder. The effects of the massive changes in female hormones after the birth of a child are well documented. Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone change wildly at the start of, during and after a child is born.

Problems with these hormones can cause women to manifest a whole host of reactions. Add on top of that "sleep deprivation" and you can get quite a problem for the new mother.


Any symptoms that come about from the birth of a child and lack of sleep are from hormonal imbalances or fatigue. Those problems are not in the filed of psychiatry. They are treated by real doctors like obstetricians and endocrinologists.

Psychiatry is just looking for a new crop of patients to sell more drugs to.

Take a look at MedEdPPD. They are pushing support for of HR 20. Yet the website is paid for by the National Institute of Mental Health. The very institute that will benefit form the implementation of this bill.

Here's the real laugh. The company that manages the website is called, "MedSpin".


I am glad these guys are at least truthful they are spin doctors in the effort to sell more drugs and create more patients out of normal women.

You can easily send a letter to Congress to speak out on how bad this bill is. Click here to go to CCHR's action website where you do something about this.

Thanks for your help.

Dr. Karl


Amy Philo said...

Hi Dr. Hoffower, I found your blog entry on this from dong a google search for Stop The MOTHERS Act. As you probably are aware this is in the Senate now so I would like everyone who reads your blog to go to and get the contact info for the 21 senators on the HELP Committee and call and protest this dangerous bill. Even better, after they are through with that they need to also call every other Senator possible to educate them on what a bad idea this bill is and let them know they will not go unnoticed by the people if they EVER support this bill. We will make sure to give them hell for it. But we can't let them get away with this, we must stop it before it goes any further.

World Vitamins Online said...

I also posted a blog entry today on the "Mothers Act". I realize that we voted for change in the last election but passing change that takes care of Big Pharma over the people is not what we had in mind.